Interested In A Career In Real Estate?

If you're the type of person who enjoys a challenge and has always wanted the freedom and opportunity that comes with being self-employed, a career in real estate may be right for you.

Here are some of the highlights of a real estate career:

• Set your own hours

A flexible schedule is one of the greatest benefits of working in real estate. You will have the freedom to come and go as you please, but don't be confused, you'll still have to work hard. Usually the most successful new agents are the ones who treat their real estate career just as they would their own business, because that's exactly what it is! That means they arrive at the office early in the morning, return any pending phone messages, follow up on leads, work floor time whenever possible, tour homes on the market, make phone calls and send out marketing materials.

• Work from anywhere

Another great benefit of a real estate career is the freedom to work from anywhere. All you'll need is a cell phone and a portable computer with wireless internet access. Thanks to mobile wireless internet you won't even be confined to coffee shops and other hotspots anymore. Meet with clients in their home or yours, at the office or anywhere you like.

• Unlimited income potential

The potential for great income is one of the major advantages to a career in real estate. There is no ceiling on the amount of income you can earn, however there are a few factors which will play a major role in determining your level of success:

- How hard you work
- How much time you have
- How many people you know (or know you)
- How much knowledge and training you have

• Help people and build lasting relationships

As is true for most occupations, the ability to understand and deal with people's needs, wants and expectations often times dictates an individuals success in the real estate field. Buying a home may be the biggest financial investment that a person makes in their lifetime, so it is extremely important that you treat everyone fairly and honestly and truely be a "Trusted Advisor". One of the great side effects of doing business the right way is that you will form lasting relationships with the people you help and your sphere of influence will grow.

The Blesch & Associates Real Estate Advantage

• Exclusive Training: Providing you with the keys to success through training and lead generation resources.

• Unmatched Internet Marketing: Building your brand and increasing opportunities with our exclusive online marketing plans.

• Strategic Partnerships: Creating value through partnerships with a host of local and national companies.

Blesch & Associates Real Estate is seeking motivated professionals to join our team. New and established agents wanted! We will assist you in obtaining your California real estate license if needed. Our office is located in downtown Redlands at 112 E State St.

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Online Real Estate Principles Course
Before you can take the real estate license exam in California, you must a complete a training course known as Real Estate Principles. We offer an online version of the Principles course that allows you to set your own pace for training and study from any location you choose.