Home Repair Checklist

Before selling or remodeling your home the following items should be inspected and repaired as necessary to ensure that you receive the highest value and that you do not lose buyers in the home inspection process costing you time and money.

Inadequate electrical service, wiring or overload protection can be a major safety issue and if you decide to sell your home the buyer's home inspection will surely reveal any electrical system problems.

Unclog drains and fix leaky toilets and faucets. Some of the most common plumbing issues deal with old, outdated or incompatible systems.

Repairing a leaky or damaged roof can be costly, however if only shingle repairs are required it can be fairly inexpensive. Obtain several estimates for a new roof vs repairs and keep in mind that a brand new roof is not likely to raise the value of your home much.

Heating and Cooling
Water heaters, A/C, furnaces, chimneys and all heating and cooling systems should be inspected and receive maintainance or cleaning frequently, at least once per year or at the intervals determined by the manufacturer.

Foundation, Joists & Rafters
Strucural problems are particularly common among older homes and should be repaired despite the high cost if you plan to remodel or sell your home.


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