California Real Estate Courses

These online courses satisfy the requirements for obtaining a california real estate license. The Real Estate Principles course must be completed before applying for your salesperson license. Real Estate Practice must be completed within 18 months of license issuance. An additional course is also required which can be either Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Finance, or any of the eight statutory courses.

Real Estate Principles Course
Before you can take the real estate license exam in California, you must complete a training course known as Real Estate Principles. We offer an online version of the Principles course that allows you to set your own pace for training and study from any location you choose.

Salesperson's Cram Course
Many students finish the Principles course feeling like they've learned a vast amount of information, but they don't know exactly what to study when they're preparing for the state license exam. The online Cram Course helps you focus on the information most likely to be tested on the state exam.

California Real Estate Practice
This course not only satisfies the DRE's requirement that all new licensees take a Real Estate Practice course within 18 months of licensure, it also helps prevent you from making some costly mistakes in the early stages of your new career. A must-have course for new agents.

Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Appraisal gives you an overview of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, with an emphasis on residential appraisal practices. Covers steps of the appraisal process, the three methods of appraisal, architectural styles and more.

Real Estate Finance
This course provides an overview of the lending process, loan application process, underwriting standards, the types of loans available to buyers and fair and predatory lending. The course also covers Conventional, FHA & VA loans and seller financing. (click "register" to order)


Real estate courses offered in association with the Rockwell Institute, the school of record. Rockwell Institute is the course sponsor and holds all course approvals.